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Expanding our horizons

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

In spite of COVID-19, we have been able to jump-start the year with the right feet. New year, new and exciting programs!

Our new Zen Design, Robotics, and Coding Club (Zen DRC Club) was designed for those students eager to learn about robotics but unable to join the Robotics, Mechatronics & Digital Fabrication Academy from the district of North Vancouver.

At this club, students will be able to participate in several initiatives such as the American Computer Science League Coding Contest, First Robotics, MATEC ROV, and social enterprise team projects focused on addressing one or more of the UN's Sustainability Development Goals.

Another of our most recent projects, is in partnership with The Urban Camp, a Vancouver-based technology, entrepreneurship and wellness program provider for local and international students.

We cannot wait to deliver our online programs to students in Mexico, wait a minute Mexico? That's right! We will be having two online programs where students will be able to explore different areas of STEAM with our project kit-based learning.

In addition, we have gone beyond our home location and the Metro Vancouver area, to deliver our premium STEM/STEAM programs at Cranbrooke, BC. In Partnership with The College of the Rockies. During our time there, we will be delivering our acclaimed Junior Coding, Robotics, and Stop Motion camp for ages 7-9, and our exciting Design Challenge - Catapult Mission.

We can't wait to see what other exciting partnerships this new year brings!

For more information about these programs please contact us at or call us at +18559366253

Stay tuned for more.

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