Our STEAM After School Programs offer the opportunity for students to get exposure to different topics in the STEAM that help spark their soft and hard skills with hands-on projects.

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We are proud to be offering our STEAM After School Programs in the following schools:

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To register please contact your schools

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Your students may have already missed a lot because of COVID, so let's plan for the best case and adjust as needed. If for any reason your school can't host the after-school program, we can continue the program in the next semester.

If the after-school program needs to be suspended during the program, we can provide a proportionate refund or credit towards a future after-school program. Alternatively, we can provide the program online if that is preferred.


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This program includes creative computer coding fun and learning with online tools, iPads, hands-on coding games, and programmable robots. Participants will learn about algorithms, programs, sequencing, and debugging. 

We incorporate storytelling and imagination and lots of play. Total beginners welcome. All reading levels are welcome.

Junior Coding & Robotics

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Gesture and motion can be replicated in the digital world. This introductory course brings a solid component to the ones who like digital art.

We will cover the fundamentals of stop motion and animation through concepts such as as timing, squash and stretch, frames per second, sequence, and more.

Stopmotion, Animation & Film


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This program emphasizes creativity with various hands-on projects and activities that focus on the importance of design to understand our way of thinking and self-expression.

This foundation will help children to better navigate 3D design and see objects and themselves in perspective. No experience necessary.

Intro to 3D Design & 3D Printing

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Electronics is the road to the future. The goal of the program is to inspire interest in electronics and explore the "make" side of things using the DesignMakePlay™ curriculum.

Children will learn about electronics by experimenting with circuits and building a final project that incorporates everything they have learned, opening the door to a world of possibilities.No experience necessary.

Intro to Electronics

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