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Exploring Consciousness Through Narrative, Documentary and Film-essay with Conor Provenzano

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

August 28, 2020

Conor Provenzano is a devotional filmmaker who explores consciousness through narrative, documentary and film-essay. A Salt Lake City native now residing in Vancouver, he graduated from the University of Utah in 2011, majoring in Film and Media. Having spent the better part of the last decade as a freelance videographer and editor, he has worked on a variety of projects, ranging from museum exhibitions to a live performance involving the Fry Street Quartet. He states on his website that he gears his focus in terms of his work to the intersection of healing, social justice, and the devotional art that inspires transcendent feelings within viewers. Provenzano learns best through his art work, which is a big part of why he always wanted to work in film. Through the art of filmmaking and project based learning, he feels that he can better understand the universe.

Evidently, Provenzano possesses an affinity for life-long learning, which is why his work as an educator should come as no surprise. In 2015, he began teaching children and youth from kindergarten to grade 12 about photography and media literacy, moreover using his skills as a filmmaker to create educational programming. “I love teaching kids because they have a really open perspective”, he told DesignMakePlay, “they respond to art as a form of play, which in turn opens up my own sense of play”. When asked what play means to him, Provenzano states that play is about entering “flow”, a mental state known in psychology that entails energized focus in a given task. He adds that critical thinking cultivated during play is integral to leadership, and therefore, play acts as a gateway to it. When kids split into groups, you can usually tell which ones have an aptitude for authority and direction.

Now in 2020, you can find Provenzano finishing post production of his project FOCUSED LIFE. FOCUSED LIFE is a documentary that examines the notion of focus, and through a series of vignettes articulates the challenges of mental discipline in a world driven to distraction. Provenzano began this project a few years ago in the hopes that he would learn all he wanted about the nature and value of attention, honouring the routes and practices of yoga and meditation while doing so. Given that ADHD is so prevalent among citizens of the United States, many people either lack the ability to focus or candidly do not realize how lack thereof influences their lives. Shot with mediative fluidity in mind, the motion picture is meant to be an experiential essay, the topic of which is one of the most underestimated and endangered of our cognitive capabilities. Provenzano does not plan on submitting FOCUSED LIFE to any festivals, intending to launch his project himself so he can talk about the topics covered when it is released. This film means a lot to Provenzano, and he wants to keep it personal.

Media is a powerful force; It has the power to spark movements. It inspires us in so many ways, challenging our world view and offering cultural experiences all at the same time. It has become such a ubiquitous presence that we often fail to realize the clout actually possessed by this phenomenon. At Zen Maker Lab, we work tirelessly to curate content and programming for the purpose of providing quality education that children and youth can enjoy. We appreciate the efforts of Filmmakers like Conor Provenzano who seek to inspire others and use their expertise to raise awareness on complex and often overlooked issues.

Visit for more information about Conor Provenzano’s upcoming film and click here to subscribe to project updates. In a world that works tirelessly day and night to steal our attention, this is a project you will not want to miss. I know everyone here at Zen Maker Lab is excited!

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