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Protecting the Community through PPE Initiatives - ZenShields

Zen Maker Lab Inc. brings innovative solutions in education and the personal protection equipment (PPE) sectors

June 19, 2020. - ZenShield Air and the ZenShield Air Youthmaster are the new additions to our ZenShield personal protection equipment (PPE) face shield line launch today. These new face shields are light, protective, comfortable, and made from high-quality materials that are reusable, recyclable, and environmentally friendly. It's manufactured in Canada in our Health-Canada approved facility (Medical Device Establishment License 12738).

This ZenShield Air is a further evolution to give individuals, families, and businesses a light and affordable option that still provides full protection and is still re-usable and environmentally friendly.

Protect your family and your employees while protecting the environment and supporting local manufacturing.

Twenty percent of proceeds from profit will go to our Access2Innovate Foundation that helps kids and youth get free access to training in science, technology, engineering, art, and design (STEAM).

We are currently selling the ZenShield individually and in a 20-unit package. For more details, please visit

The story behind our first face shield. A bit of background...

We were approached by a community association of doctors asking if we could manufacture face shields to help them as they set up Covid-19 testing in one of Canada's first outbreaks. At the same time, one of our engineering students, concerned for his parents who were nurses in our local hospital, started to 3D print and design a face shield.

At the same time, Prusa Labs, in the Czech Republic, released an open-source face shield that generously was shared with the world. Our team of product developers, materials engineers, and designers modified this design to meet Health Canada requirements, came up with the ZenShield Frontliner face shield, and donated it to our local hospital and healthcare workers.

From some feedback from early users, we added on a spill guard and other improvements. We then received our Medical Device Establishment License (12738) from Health Canada and started manufacturing locally, high-quality, reusable, and environmentally friendly face shields that met their guidelines for materials, face coverage, reusability, and sanitization ability.

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