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Spring Wrap-up

As we are mid-way through the Spring, we are happy to look back at all the great creations our students have made in the two weeks of the spring break.

With camps across the Lower Mainland and in Victoria, you can say that our instructors were busy making sure our students had fun and went home every day with something exciting to tell their parents about, whether it was at our DesignMakePlay Shipyards location in North Vancouver, at Deer Lake School in Burnaby, or at Oak Bay Community Centre in Victoria.

Some of the core concepts that our students learned in our spring camps were:

  • To create tags and put applications in the real world using AR.js and Unity

  • Created their own mini-films with a script using professional equipment

  • They were able to build and put together their own light-up toy

  • Learned physics basics through different throwing games

We believe in designing, making, and playing with projects, as it is proven to be the best way of learning for young minds.

Exciting things for this Summer 2022!

We are getting ready for our STEAMazing Summer Camps with more fun than ever! We have added new topics such as:

Augmented Reality, Creative Maker, Robot Rumble, and much more!

These new topics are filled with hands-on projects, fun activities, and take-home projects. While we have awesome STEAM/STEM camps across Canada coast to coast, these particular new topics are only available at our main locations in North Vancouver, our 272 East 1st HQ and our DesignMakePlay Shipyards location.

We will still keep our COVID precautions in place while keeping our students safe, so they can learn and have fun in a worry-free environment.

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