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Fall STEAM Programs as We Wrap Up Summer

As we approach the September equinox and bid farewell to what has been a rewarding Summer, it’s time to reflect on our small victories and discuss how they will lead us into the remainder of 2021.

Summer (2021) saw over 30 programs administered in the Lower Mainland, Victoria, and Alberta, and with that, over 300 happy students. Hundreds of STEAM project kits were created, and most importantly, everyone had fun. Executing these programs was not easy. As last year showed us, things rarely go as planned, but as Bryan Martin once said, there is beauty in the struggle. Likewise, when you consider where we were a year ago, our entire team is happy we didn’t give up and remained optimistic.

Of course, none of this would have been possible without the administrators and educators that keep our programs running. The entire team worked countless hours and traveled to different parts of BC and Alberta to make our programs successful. All this was done with the goal of impacting the lives of our students and sparking their curiosity.

Our interns were incredible. Their enthusiasm, positive attitude, and willingness to inspire are exactly what we seek to cultivate here at Zen Maker Lab, and we’re excited to work with them in the future. We truly feel that these bright young adults are a testament to what higher education should represent. Special thanks to the following institutions for putting us in touch with them:

We know that celebrating our small wins is important. It’s how we track our cumulative achievements and work towards our larger goals. However, we also know that it is just as important not to dwell, and rather use this success as fuel for the future.

Nearly two weeks into September, our Fall programs have arrived and we are already providing these to nearly 100 students and working with more than 15 elementary schools in BC. Our after-school and in-school programs focus on junior coding, robotics, electronics, and even stop-motion, animation, and film-making as we bridge the gap between the arts and sciences. All of our instructors are double-vaccinated, and we have strict Covid-19 safety protocols in place to ensure all of our stakeholders can learn and create a safe environment.

Within some of the schools where we are having our programs you can find:

For more information about these programs, or if you know a parent or school that may be interested in implementing them, click here.

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